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  1. Chessington
  2. Animal Adventures
    1. Creepy Caves
    2. Trail of Kings
  3. Beanoland
    1. Bash Street Bus
    2. Billy's Whizzer
    3. Roger the Dodger's Dodgems
  4. Forbidden Kingdom
    1. Tomb Blaster
    2. Rameses Revenge
  5. Market Square
    1. Safari Skyway
  6. Mexicana
    1. The Rattlesnake
    2. Rodeo
    3. Runaway Mine Train
  7. Mystic East
    1. Dragon Falls
    2. The Samurai
  8. Pirates' Cove
    1. Black Buccaneer
    2. Seastorm
  9. Toytown
    1. Action Man: Training HQ
    2. Berry Bouncers
    3. Flying_Jumbos
    4. The Carousel
    5. Tiny Truckers
    6. Toadie's Crazy Cars
  10. Transylvania
    1. Professor Burp's Bubble Works
    2. The Vampire

Chessington really is a world of adventures, there are 9 themed lands each offering their own attractions.

Animal Adventures - All sorts of wild animals are here, and there are three shows - penguins, birds of flight and sea lions. There's last years new attraction that brings you closer to Big cats and Gorillas called 'TRAIL OF THE KINGS' as well as monkey and bird attractions.

Beanoland - Themed on the popular children's cartoon the emphasis here is fun! Bump and bash on 'ROGER THE DODGERS DODGEMS', take a flight on 'BILLY'S WHIZZER', go crazy on the 'BASH STREET BUS' or check out this years addition, 'DENNIS'S MADHOUSE'.

Forbidden Kingdom - An egyption location sets the scene for two frightful rides. The new 'TOMB BLASTER' will put a chill down your spine while the thrilling 'RAMESIS REVENGE' will make everyone scream, and get wet!

Market Square - A shop/cafe area really but you can board the 'SAFARI SKYWAY' for an overhead view of 'ANIMAL LAND'.

Mexicana - Formerly Calamity cove, but with the introduction of 'THE RATTLESNAKE RIDE' a mexican theme was thought more appropriate. The other coaster here is the 'RUNAWAY TRAIN' which is great fun for all the family. The 'RODEO' is also found here and offers a complete all spinning experience.

Mystic east - A easten land with the fun of 'DRAGON FALLS' and the terror of the 'SAMURAI' which will twist and turn you in each and every direction.

Pirates Cove - How about a massive pirate ship called the 'BLACK BUCCANEER' to get you in the swing of things, or how about the little ones getting caught up in a 'SEA STORM' , well if that sounds good head for this swash buckling cove!

Toytown - A kids dream, a wonderful selection of kiddies treats can be experienced in this playful area. For pink knuckle fun join the Ribena berries on the 'BERRY BOUNCERS' or if you fancy a drive in the country try 'TODIES CRAZY CARS'

Transilvania - Themed on the spooky location of many stories and films, the flying bats of the new 'VAMPIRE' suspended coaster and the strange comedy of the proffesors 'BUBBLE WORKS' can both be found here.

Animal Adventures
  • Birds in Flight
  • Penguin
  • Sealion

As you first enter the park from the main entrance, your attention is not diverted by huge rollercoasters; instead, it is drawn towards enclosures featuring a variety of exotic animals, including lions, tigers, sealions, gorillas, meerkats, monkeys, zebras, and penguins, and a pair of clouded leopards.

In fact, the park used to be a zoo, with theme park rides only being a feature of people's visits since the eighties.

There is no overall theme to the area, although each animal's enclosure is designed to look and feel like their native environment.

The zoo also has an extensive breeding programme, with its female binturong currently awaiting the arrival of a mate, and a male king vulture recently arrived from Germany in the hope that it will produce offspring with their resident female king vulture.

Chessington also hosts one of the country's finest collection of birds, and has a highly successful bird breeding program, with 18 species producing eggs and chicks last season. They were also the first zoo in Britain to successfully breed southern pied hornbills.

A good way to get a general overview of the zoo is to take a ride on the Safari Skyway, which departs from the Market Square.

Creepy Caves

Exhibition of 'creepy' creatures

One of the newer additions to the zoo, this is basically a reptile house with a 'trendier' name. Inside, you can find all sorts of creepy, scary creatures, such as snakes, spiders and other reptiles.

Most people will be fascinated and amazed at these creatures, however, the people who would be most scared by them, will stay well away from the attraction.

Trail of Kings


A vast area of the zoo was refurbished last year, with the new areas being marketed as an 'experience' where you can get 'up close and personal' to the animals. From the comfort of an African-style game lodge, you can view one of Europe's largest gorilla families, including Silverback Kumba, the 22 stone pack leader, and Shanga, who is only one years old.

Further on you will be able to come face-to-face with the big cats, such as Asian Lions, and a 'Jungle Book' style setting.

In other areas of the zoo, there is a wide variety of animals, including penguins, sealions, and birds.

Trail of Kings
Trail of Kings. Up Next

  • "Dennis's Fountain of Mischief" with Minnie the Minx.
  • "Dennis's Tree House of Tricks" with Softy Walter.
  • "Dennis's Secret Invention", co-starring Gnasher.

One of the newest parts of Chessington, phase one of this area opened in 2000, at a cost of Ј4.5 million. The area is superbly themed, in a 'cartoon' style. Attention has been paid to detail, and you can often spot funny jokes and features where you would lest expect it.

As you enter the zone from its main entrance, you walk along a 'high street', with shops and catering outlets on your left.

The zone has three superb stunt shows, produced by Renaissance Entertainment. They feature all of your favourite Beano characters, a zip line, a 2m high catapault, and a rocket launcher.

There is also a water balloon arena tucked away, where energetic kids (and adults too!) can buy water balloons, and fire them at each other using catapults.

Bash Street Bus

Spin Ride (Children's)

Opened 2001, the Bash Street bus is basically a children's version of the former Magic Carpet ride (replaced by Samurai in 1999). The ride features the usual Beanoland-style theming and benefits from short queues.

Bash Street Bus
Bash Street Bus. Up Next

Billy's Whizzer


One of the two rides that were part of the initial phase of Beanoland, this is a Wave Swinger (a carousel with chairs suspended by chains from the ceiling), with water (just to make it a UK first). The random squirts of water originate from little nozzles underneath the ride.

The ride has been painted to fit in with the rest of the 'comic-style' land, and does subject its riders to a slightly-higher-than-normal g-force, although it is still predominantly a ride for younger children.

Billy's Whizzer
Billy's Whizzer. Up Next

Roger the Dodger's Dodgems


Rodger's Dodgems is one of the two new rides opened in the new, family-orientated Beanoland at Chessington this year, the dodgems feature the faces of various Beano characters, such as Rodger, Gnasher, Dennis, Minnie and Softey.

The dodgems take their power from an overhead power grid, and there are lap bars for safety, with the possibility of the introduction family hours, and, on busy days, pairs only.

Chessington have neglected to have booming garage music on this ride, instead opting to under-utilise the magnificent sound system with an incredibly cheesy-sounding track with car horns tooting etc.

Forbidden Kingdom
  • Various games.

Themed in they style of an Aztec or Incan settlement, the area is centred around the Rameses Revenge attraction, with the Tomb Blaster further north, in what feels like its own separate area. As with all Tussauds parks, the area is superbly themed, with queue lines subtly placed on the 1st floor of the buildings so as to not detract from the aura of the zone. Outside the Rameses Revenge ride, there is an assortment of shops and sideshows.

The Tomb Blaster, which is one of several re-incarnations of the initial ride opened here, 'The Fifth Dimension', is in a building themed in the style of a temple, with an internal courtyard, surrounded by walls and turrets. This separation from the Rameses Revenge part of the area is perhaps the major downfall of the Forbidden Kingdom.

Tomb Blaster

Interactive Scenery Ride

The mission! To ride through the spooky tomb, armed with laser guns and defeat its ancient and ghostly inhabitants, thus ridding the tomb of its curse.

Rameses Revenge

Spin 'n' Spew

Until the opening of Samurai, this was the best Spin 'n' Spew ride at Chessington, and it retains its gut-wrenching attraction today. It is identical in every way (except for the decor and theming) to the Ripsaw at Alton Towers.

The ride is basically a long gondola with 2 rows of twenty seats. It is held at either end by two supports. These supports rotate and the gondola can spin as well. The ride operators, who are especially evil and vindictive, take great joy in slowly lowering the gondola and its passengers, FACE DOWN into the water fountains, which are waiting to give the riders a soaking.

This ride is very good, and can give you amazing head-rushes.

The photos are taken at the very end, after the ride has stopped, and just before the harnesses are released. Unfortunately, they don't capture the true terror that the riders face and only provide a record of how wet you got.

There is an area by the entrance/exit to place bags. Remember that necklaces etc. can quite easily fall off when on this ride.

The ride was re-themed for the 2000 season. Although it is a very 'cool' new look, it has received some criticism for not fitting into the surrounding zone.

Rameses Revenge
Rameses Revenge. Up Next

Rameses Revenge
Rameses Revenge. Up Next

Market Square
  • Decadent Donuts - Snacks
  • Ice Dreams - Ice Cream
  • Krazy Keg - Family inn and BBQ.
  • Market Restaurant (KFC and Pizza Hut) - Hot meals.

This is the main focal point of the park, and contains a large number of services and facilities; there are cash machines, payphones, and the Guest Services team are based here. There is a loose 'English Market Square' theme, although it is not entirely evident.

Worthy of note is the fact that during special events, such as the Halloween Week, a temporary stage is often erected here, with various types of entertainment put on for the guests.

Safari Skyway


Back in the days when Chessington World of Adventures was called Chessington Zoo, this was the closest you could get to a white knuckle ride.

This scenic journey takes you around the areas of the park where the animals live (no - not the children's area). The route takes you past the penguins, monkeys, gorillas, tigers, lions, sealions, zebras and meerkats, amongst others. The journey takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

The ride is completely automated, and the trains have open sides, so you won't get your camera's flash reflecting off the glass. The trains do have a roof though, in case it rains.

The trains seat 10 people - 2 in the front carriage, 4 in the middle (2 facing 2), 4 in the rear (2 facing 2). However, it is possible to fit three young children into a pair of seats.

  • Mexican Diner
  • Mexican meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks, and ice creams.

Along with the Mystic East, this is probably one of the oldest parts of the park, although by no means does this make it worn-down and tatty. Whilst other parks let their attractions show their age, for the most part, Chessington have managed to maintain this area well.

Most people enter the zone from the Market Square, passing the newest addition to Mexicana, the Rattlesnake, which, due to planning restrictions, is dug into the ground, although still finds a way to tower over nearby buildings. You then walk down the Main Street, passing a variety of sideshows and retail outlets, including a portrait studio.

Standing at the end of the Main Street is the Runaway Mine Train, which circuits a suitably rocky course, passing through various tunnels. The track is quite short, so, to compensate, ride operators often give guests three circuits of the track.

To the left of the Runaway Mine Train, tucked peacefully into a corner is the Rodeo ride, themed in a typical wild-west style with wooden fences and rickety shacks.

The Rattlesnake


The newest rollercoaster at Chessington World of Adventures, the aim of which is to scare you into believing that the car is going to fall off the track (and it's very good at doing this). The ride uses individual cars rather than trains, each car seating a total of 4 passengers. When you are winched up to the top, you negotiate the upper level of the ride by doing several hairpin turns. These make you feel as if you are going to fall off the edge of the track, and squash you up against the side of the car. After enduring these, you descend to the next level, where the car suddenly stops, which really hurts, especially if you are not holding on. Then, you round the corner, go down a steep-ish drop (where your photo is taken), back up, turn round again, go up and down a few dips, through a building, turn round, and brake..... where you will slowly enter into the station.

Bags can be safely put on the floor of the car, between your legs.

You walk past the photo kiosk on the exit, where you will be embarrassed by the expression on your face.

The Rattlesnake
The Rattlesnake. Up Next


Spin 'n' Spew

Formerly know as 'The Juggler', this ride moved to Mexicana when the Circus Land was closed. This is basically an adult version of the 'spinning teacups' ride. The base plate rotates, and on top of the rotating base plates are supports for the pods, which also rotate. The pods themselves are also free-moving, so they rotate according to gravity and other forces.

There is a man on a 'bucking bronco' in the middle, which spins in the opposite direction, to make it seem as if you are spinning at twice the speed you are.

This ride is SERIOUSLY FAST and spins you almost as much as the Samurai. It may look tame, but it is not. I have actually seen a boy throw up on this ride.....

The operators of this ride can get seriously moody if you sit on the fence along the queue. Presumably it's because the fence is made by tying wooden posts together and is, hence, not very stable. Don't aggravate the operator by sitting there. Remember that he/she have the power to kick you out if the park.

The ride pods seat two people. Bags have to be left by the 'operator's tower' (you'll know what I mean when you see it).

Rodeo. Up Next

Runaway Mine Train


The first rollercoaster built at this park, it is a simple, traditional, runaway mine train, through a themed area. It has the same track layout as the 'Flying Fish' at Thorpe Park.

The train is powered by an onboard motor, not by gravity, so there are no lift-hills and, hence, no drops, and no extreme speed.

The queue starts on the opposite side of the path to the ride. It takes you along the roofs of the 'Wild-West town', then over the path on a bridge, down some steps into the 'mine', before climbing again to the platform.

The track of the rollercoaster itself is quite short and very curvy, as it weaves in and out of the well-designed scenery. The route takes you through several tunnels, and due to the short length of the track, the train usually does three (although sometimes only two) laps of the track before coming to a halt at the station.

The train is in the classic rollercoaster design of two rows of two people in each carriage. It is usually safe to take your bag with you onto the train.

Overall, this ride is fairly tame and not something many people would be scared about. In my opinion, it is nothing compared to Big Thunder Mountain, a runaway mine train that can be found at most Disney theme parks.

Runaway Mine Train
Runaway Mine Train. Up Next

Mystic East
  • Mystics Chinese Kitchen - Chinese meals.

Along with Mexicana, this is probably one of the oldest parts of the park, although by no means does this make it worn-down and tatty. Whilst other parks let their attractions show their age, for the most part, Chessington have managed to maintain this area well.

Most guests enter the area from the south, near the entrance to the Forbidden Tomb. As you enter, you will be able to see the Samurai spinning insanely, whilst at the same time being able to see people plummet down the final drop on the Dragon Falls.

Dragon Falls is probably the best themed log flume ride that I have been on - it is certainly much better than its counterparts at Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. As you walk on past the Samurai, and Frazzle the Dragon (who is, thankfully, caged), you follow a windy path which is surrounded by bamboo, passing a giant statue of Buddha, before passing through a brief tunnel. On your right, you can see another, smaller drop of Dragon Falls, where riders fall into the mouth of a dragon.

A few steps further, and you reach the main 'hub' of the Mystic East - on your left there is a shop and a Chinese restaurant, and, in front, the station building of Dragon Falls. Be warned - Dragon Falls is by far the busiest ride at the park, and virtual queuing is often in operation - if it is, make sure you collect your queue ticket early, as those who arrive too late to collect a ticket have to wait until a 'free-for-all' just before the park closes.

Dragon Falls

Log Flume

This ride is right at the very top of the park, which is good, because you can avoid the queues by riding just after the park opening. Situated in the heart of the 'Mystic East' zone, as you approach the ride queue, you follow a windy path through the superbly themed area, passing a stone sculpture of Buddha.

As this is enjoyed by both family groups and thrill seekers, it is often very busy, so expect a long wait!

The ride itself takes you around the zone, through bamboo and other excellently themed 'Chinese' terrain. You climb the first, small ramp, and rapidly descend into a dragon's mouth. You pass through the tunnel and once out in the open, you approach the final, high, ramp. Once at the top, you have about a minute or two to admire the views of the Surrey countryside before you approach the final drop. Don't forget to smile for the the camera on the way down! After the giant splash at the bottom of the drop, you have just about enough time to realise how wet you are before you arrive at the station and you have to disembark.

The monitors displaying the photographs are on the left just after you exit the station.

Dragon Falls
Dragon Falls. Up Next

Virtual Queuing

The idea of this scheme is to try and reduce the time you spend queuing for this ride, so that you can fit more rides into your day. You have to visit the ride entrance early in the day and collect a ticket from one of the machines. On that ticket, there will be a printed time at which you must return to go on the ride. Each member of the group needs a ticket. If you lose it, you will need to go back to the machine and collect another one. You cannot enter the ride before the time on the ticket, even if the rest of your group has a ticket for an earlier time. You can, however, enter after the time on your ticket. If the attendant kicks up a fuss, just tell them that the reason you were late was that you were stuck in a ride queue elsewhere.

The Samurai

Spin 'n' Spew

The Samurai is like a 3D version of the traditional 'spinning teacups' ride, but much more intense. You spin through 360 degrees in mid-air, approximately at a right angle to the ground, and endure the same g forces as an astronaut taking off in a rocket. Whilst queuing, you are bombarded with such facts, and told how scary the ride is, and how your honour is at stake... etc, all designed to fill you with fear.

You get assigned an 'arm' number (each arm seats 5 people) and when the previous ride ends, there is a mad scramble to reach the seats. You can leave bags by the side, and we recommend that you take off any loose-fitting shoes as well, since it is really easy for them to fall off. As the ride starts, you slowly spin backwards as the ride is raised.... then brace yourselves for 2 minutes of serious spinning! Don't even try moving your head forward, as the forces will snap it back.

The ride is truly immense and well worth the queue.

The forces are much stronger on the pod seats furthest away from the centre.... the forces in the pod seats towards the centre are less intense, but thrilling nevertheless.

You have time to recover whilst the pods are lowered to the platform and the shoulder restraints are released, so that you don't leave the ride giddy.

The Samurai
The Samurai. Up Next

The Samurai
The Samurai. Up Next

Pirates' Cove
  • Chips Ahoy! - Fish and chips, snacks, hot and cold drinks.

Nestled into a hollow in the hillside, the focus of this section of the park is the Black Buccaneer, a suspended galleon, which swings from side to side, giving many of its riders tremendous sensations of 'airtime'. The theming of this ride is pretty standard; certainly nothing to get excited about.

At the top of this hollow is a building housing a variety of sideshows and games, with all of the typical fairground prizes, such as huge soft toys. Adjacent to this is the Seastorm, a carousel where the riders sit in miniature boats.

Black Buccaneer

Swinging Boat

This ride really does deserve to be more popular than it is. The best seats are located towards either end of the boat, but, to get these seats, you will have to queue for longer. However, most people will find this wait worth it as you will feel slightly weightless when your end of the boat reaches its maximum height. Those with weaker stomachs should sit towards the centre of the boat, where the ride is less intense and where you will benefit from shorter queues.

The length of the ride varies according to the business of the park, and can last from just over one minute to several minutes.

Bags can be left on the exit platform of the ride.

Black Buccaneer
Black Buccaneer. Up Next



A simple carousel, where your 'task' is to survive, not surprisingly, a sea storm in your little, two-man boat.

The carousel can get up to quite a fast speed, and the 'boat' goes down and up through dips in its' track.

The 'boats' occasionally turn round, but do not spin.

And finally, there is, depending on the time of year, the odd squirt of water thrown at you, just so that you feel as if you really are at a storm in the Pacific, and not in a theme park in North Surrey.

Good clean family fun.

  • Cadbury Castle - Confectionery.
  • Toytown Treats - Snacks, hot and cold drinks.

Located in the centre of the park, this is the section of the park devoted to the younger members of the family, with everything from an indoor adventure playground, to flying pink elephants. There is no overall theme to the area, which is probably wise, as it would have been very easy for the park to have an incredibly clichйd area full of alphabet blocks, clowns, and the suchlike.

Action Man: Training HQ

Adventure Playground

"Would be Action Man are given the chance to become Team Xtreme Agents... ...But first they have to prove just how tough they are. After a top secret briefing they'll be tasked with some Xtreme Action challenges. Only the fittest and most courageous will qualify for a place in the Xtreme Team and win the right to wear the ultimate action hero badge of bravado - a Team Xtreme sticker."
[Extracted from Chessington Press Release]

There is lots of not-so-subtle advertising for the famous action figure, and it is more than likely that non-action man followers will be converted by this ride. And just in case all of the not-so-subtle advertising has worked, there's an action man shop to buy action man toys from. Lucky us.

Berry Bouncers

Thrill Ride (Children's)

Chessington have bowed to commercialism for this new ride, with it being sponsored by a 'certain' sugary soft drink. The Berry Bouncers are two 15 foot tall mini-shoot 'n' drop towers, where children are whisked up and down, 'bouncing' away.

This ride replaces the much-loved clown coaster.

Berry Bouncers
Berry Bouncers. Up Next

Flying Jumbos


Have you ever seen a pink elephant fly? You will have if you visit this ride, and what's more, you will be able to ride one. This simple carousel consists of pink elephants with seats in. Each elephant has a joystick which can be used to raise or lower the elephant, making it slightly more exciting than a normal carousel.

The Carousel


Located next to the South (secondary) entrance, next to the new Beanoland, this is a classic, traditional carousel, just like the ones at the seaside, with baroque decorations. Here, children can ride ponies and other creations, and forget that they really are on the outskirts of a bustling metropolis.

Tiny Truckers

Scenery Ride

Not really a scenery ride as there's no scenery... quite simply, the kids get on a small truck, and ride round a track..... there's even a steering wheel on it to make it feel like they're really driving.
Lasts about 1-2 minutes.

Toadie's Crazy Cars

Scenery Ride

Gone are the old scenes of boy scouts camping with goats munching in clothes - Old Crock's Rally was totally re-themed for 2001, to bring you Toadie's Crazy Cars, based on that classic book, The Wind in The Willows (Anything that encourages kids to read is fine by me).

The track layout remained the same, as did the cars (although they were tidied up a bit). What was really new about this ride were working models, rivers with fountains, and a transformed 'garage' scene which features all of the characters, in full animatronic glory.

The ride lasts approximately 3 - 5 minutes and the cars are fully-roofed. (So you can actually enjoy the ride in the rain!)

Toadie's Crazy Cars
Toadie's Crazy Cars. Up Next

  • Count's Cauldron (McDonalds) - Cheap meals.
  • Alpine Cafe - Meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks.

You enter this superbly-themed area by passing under a tall archway, which acts as a 'portal' into another land. There are tall buildings on either side of the main street, with the Alpine Cafe immediately on the left. The Bubbleworks are slightly further down on your left, and there is a McDonalds on the right, with the entrance to the Vampire on your left.

The Vampire dominates a huge section of the area, with a veritable forest of pine trees for the trains to swoop in and out. Even when you enter the main street of the area, you are instantly aware of the ride, whose track cruises above you.

Professor Burp's Bubble Works

Scenery Ride

This attraction lets you take a magical ride through Professor Burp's top secret pop making factory. The station is filled with posters advertising his various brands of fizzy beverage. Visitors are informed that photography is forbidden due to 'Top Secret Pop Ingredients'.

When you board your boat (which can seat between 4 and 6 people depending on their size), your tour commences. You see various parts of his factory including fizz testing. Most of the scenes are humorous, however quite a few gags are about farting. Younger children will look on with awe, whilst older children will be tempted to start a water fight.

Then, you will start a climb, which results into a small drop (with a splash) into the final hallway. Grand music plays, and fountains create archways of water to pass through. (And allow kids to splash the water from them onto their fellow passengers). Add a few strobe lights and the grand finale is perfect.

As you exit, you are dragged through the shop, 'Fangtasia', just to make it that extra bit hard to leave the park without buying something.

The Vampire


Swoops riders through the skies, and takes you soaring across the tree tops, legs dangling 'screamingly' free in a bat-tastic journey with plenty of bite, Great Fun!

The Vampire
The Vampire. Up Next

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