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Ramsgate Town
Ramsgate is a busy maritime centre, with a maritime museum. Parts of the town are conservation areas and it has some fine architecture. In the Royal harbour and marina area you will find many cafes, restaurants and bars.
Shopping Arcade
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The town of Ramsgate has a great deal to offer the visitor. The area around the famous Royal Harbour is steeped in pavement cafes, bars and smart restaurants, whilst two minutes walk away is the pedestrianised town shopping centre and Tourist Information Centre.
Spencer Sq
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Ramsgate boasts some beautiful architecture, and large parts of the town are conservation areas.
Royal Harbour
Royal Harbour. Up Next

The Royal Harbour and Marina attract visitors from all over the world. There's even an internet cafe at hand.
Ramsgate Westcliff
Westcliff walk
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Ramsgate's Westcliff Promenade, overlooking the harbour, offers stunning views across the English Channel, and has a host of leisure facilities to be enjoyed.
Westcliff pool
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There's a cafe and amusements as well as boating at the Westcliff Pool.
Tennis in Spencer Sq
Tennis in Spencer Sq. Up Next

Tennis in Spencer Square, just off Westcliff Promenade.
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Try your skill at Croquet or Bowls - both are tougher and more competitive than you might think!
Main Sands Ramsgate
Ramsgate Main Sands
Ramsgate Main Sands. Up Next

Ramsgate sands provides a perfect place to relax, play or simply lay back and watch the world go by. Its close proximity to the shops as well as cafes, restaurants and amusements makes it ideal for families. The Maritime Museum is also nearby.
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